“Fallvann” Script development on Iceland

The September and October of 2019 me and my creative producer went to Iceland to research and write the first draft of our shortfall “Fallvann”. This project was part of a new way of working which is called on location script development. For this story we were in need of a very prominent nature and desolate places. I first had the idea, when I visited Iceland for the first time. And after consulting with my producer Hanna Suni we decided that a trip to Iceland to develop our story would be the best way to work on this particular script.


Without spoiling the plot of the story we need a desolate place with dark sand and tall memorable mountains. Going back to the era where the idea came from gave us the opportunity to brainstorm at our potential location. For example looking down a valley and picturing how our characters would move through this landscape and how that would in turn affect them. I’m a strong believer that the environment effects the people and characters that live in it, and therefore to truly understand how your characters would react you have to be able to feel it yourself, or at least understand it.