“You don’t talk about NUFF-Club.”

Durring a workshop at NUFF, me and the other participants of the group made an interactive short film called NUFF-Club. This film explores what happens at Tvibit after closing hours. The main character “Boy” realizes that Hermann the festival director of NUFF is up to something suspicious and decides to follow him. To Boy’s surprise he learns that there is a secret club in Tvibit’s basement and he is thrown into trials which the audience must help him through.

Golfer gang-1

The interactive film NUFF-Club was made during one week as a part of a workshop. From idea to the finished product, all was made during this one week to be screened at the opening of NUFF 2019. The film ended up being 20 pages of script and screening up to 14-15 minutes in total depending on which routes the audience played through.

NUFF-Club will be screened during a special event hosted by Tvibit and Storgata Camping during TIFF 2020.