Looking for a team member?

I’m opening up my business for commissioned films, but also my services as film worker. Below I’ve listed a short introduction of my experience, who I am as a film worker and what I can offer your production.

As my website reflects I mostly do directing and writing which I would be happy to collaborate or consult on for your project. But I’ve also worked as a editor, cinematographer, 1st A. D., production assistant and production coordinator on smaller and bigger productions.

I would describe myself as a dedicated worker who will try my best to make the production go as smoothly as possible. I don’t wait to be told what to do (but I will do what I’m told), instead I look for things that need to be done. Problems will arise in a production and in face of a problem I like to look for the solution. I love being on set and that passion gives me a lot of energy. A good flow behind the camera creates a good work environment for the film.

And yes, I have my drivers license, but I don’t have a car… yet!

In most cases i will only offer my resource as a worker, but if needed I have film equipment that can be a part of a package deal with my status as a worker. This includes my trusty old cinema camera package which I use for my commissioned films.

Under “contact” in the menu you will be able to reach me, request a CV or ask about my fee. I hope to hear more about you and your project. If you need a team member that does more than one job and perhaps supplies equipment for the production please add this to the contact form.