Open for business!

Do you have a film you need made? 

In 2019 Margareta F A Orkan Film will offer film services like music videos, conference and promo films from idea development all the way to your finished film. Since this is a new service I will offer a discount to the three first customers.

Or are you looking for co-worker? 

Not only commissions, but a team member as well! I can do more than direct and write so now I’ve started to promote the other things I can do in everything that goes in to making a film. To mention some of the jobs I have experience in doing; production assistant, production coordinator and editor. I will shortly make a more specific list that will be featured under my new option on this page:


As I was saying, Margareta F A Orkan Film is open for business from 2019. Please see the contact information page in the menu to start a conversation about your project and for prize evaluation.